FAQ's | Licensed Money Lender in Singapore |Ip Credit

Q: how fast after finishing application with IP Credit will i know of my successful approval?

A: IP Credit will ring you on your mobile phone, or send you a text ,message or electronic mail to notify you of a granted loan applocation. Then, we will cater a timing and date for you, the applicant to visit our office in order to finish yo needed paperwork, finally, the loan will be disbursed.

Q: my office hours streth till very late in the evening, as such i may be late, will this be a problem? Can i still apply?

A: Sure! Just give IP Credit a call and we will make custom arrangements to cater to your schedule.

Q: I did not get approved for my loan. Why is this so?!?

A: We have a thorough screening process to make sure both parties keep their risk at bay, as such, your loan may be rejected for the right reasons. We reserve the right to keep reasons confidential.

Q: I damaged my credit, will i still be able to obtain even a small loan?

A: Certainly. Even with bad credit ratings, we can still consider issuing you a loan if you fulfill other criteria. Case to case basis only.

Q: I already have an outstanding loan with IP Credit, i would be interested in getting a second loan, will this be an issue?

A: We are not allowed to issue you a second loan, under the moneylending laws of Singapore.

Q: How can i make my repayment? Which methods are most convenient?

A: We have several ways for you to make timely repayments including cash, GIRO, or interbank transfers. Simply ask us!