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licensed money lenderLoans are no longer only for Singaporeans! Now, foreigners can enjoy the perks and privileges of securing an IP Credit loan as well! We have extended our suite of loan products to cater to the high demand of foreigners who are in Singapore, that require urgent funds at critical moments.

Are you a foreigner in these dire circumstances?
– Short of money for rental in Singapore?
– Recently moved to Singapore and adapting to the high cost of living?
– Spent most of your money and need extra cash to tie you through till your next payday?
– Cant secure credit from banks?
– Need to remit money back to your family in your native country?

Foreigners no longer have to worry about not being able to obtain an extra line of credit when they run into financial mayhem. Fortunately, Singapore’s laws have catered and made consideration to foreigners. IP Credit extends a welcoming hand to every foreigner who is in Singapore under legal employment to apply with us for a foreigner loan.

Remember, what sets IP Credit apart from a standard licensed money lender is that we know your needs and concerns for this foreigner loan, and we have a special team of loan consultants who are highly skilled at dealing with foreigners, from loan disbursement to initial loan consultation, we can correctly advise you on making the right step. When in doubt, simply ask our loan experts who will guide you by the hand.