Short Term Loans | Legal Loans | Moneylender in Singapore

image2So payday is around the corner and you are still short of funds. Fret not, IP Credit being a licensed money lender helps you to make the right move with our short term loan solutions! What exactly is a short term payday loan? Well, simply put, the payday loan is typically a lower amount loan that will alleviate financial burden. It is typically used for loan tenures from 1 week to 8 weeks. No amount to great or too small for IP Credit to disburse! You can rely on our financial muscle to flex your way to ease of mind.

This shot term loan is like any other loan, in that, application is a breeze, you simply visit our office or apply on the form to the right of this page for faster processing. Bring along the necessary income documentation and identity proof to get started. If any point you feel unsure of have qualms, simply ask our payday loan consultants. We are well trained in advising your to old clients on the correct procedures and terms of repayment, so that you fully are educated of every fine print. No cowboy treatments with IP Credit.

The short term loan is perfect for paying off small to large bills, or simply for any form of critical urgency for money. Faster processing times and loan disbursement mean that you get cash exactly when you need it. Inquire with us today for a no frills experience in obtaining your first or subsequent loans!